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1.1 This specification covers the requirements for the Aickinstrut Nonmetallic Channel Framing System.
2.1 FRP channel shall be of pultruded glass reinforced polyester or vinyl ester resin having the physical property values listed in this catalog.
2.2 PVC channel shall be of extruded polyvinyl chloride having the physical property values listed in this catalog.
2.3 Some accessories shall be of injection molded, 40% long glass fiber reinforced polyurethane, polypropylene or nylon.
3.1 Glass reinforced channel shall have a synthetic surfacing veil applied on exterior surfaces to improve weatherability and inhibit ultraviolet degradation.
3.2 PVC channel shall be manufactured from a U.V. stabilized resin and incorporate dark gray pigment to improve weatherability and inhibit ultraviolet degradation.
4.1 Channel shall incorporate Aickinstrut's patented flange profile design which allows full and positive interlocking contact of channel accessories and prohibits premature flange failure from torqued accessories.
4.2 Channel profile dimensions shall be:
15⁄8" x 15⁄8" x 3⁄16", 11⁄2" x 11⁄2" x 3⁄16", or 11⁄2" x 11⁄8" x 3⁄16".
4.3 All 15⁄8" x 15⁄8" channel profiles shall have a minimum pull out resistance of 1,000 pounds when load is applied over a 3⁄8" long section of the inside flanges.
4.4 Channel section lengths shall be supplied in 10' or 20' lengths (±1⁄8").
4.5 Universal Pipe Clamps shall have full interlocking contact with interior channel flanges to maximize pull-out resistance and be adjustable to accommodate a minimum 3⁄4" variance in piping or conduit O.D. sizes.
5.1 Glass reinforced and PVC channels covered in this specification shall have a flame spread rating of 25 or less when tested per ASTM E84 and meet the requirements of UL 94V0 thereby qualifying them as Class 1 material in the Uniform Building Code.
5.2 Glass reinforced channels covered in this specification shall comply with the requirements of ASTM D 3917 and ASTM D 4385 which govern the dimensional tolerance and visual defects of pultruded shapes.
6.1 Aickinstrut Nonmetallic Channel Framing shall be furnished as a system which includes all the necessary fasteners, channel splice plates, brackets, sealants, hangers, pipe clamps, etc.
6.2 Nonmetallic fasteners shall be manufactured from long glass fiber reinforced polyurethane to ensure maximum strength and corrosion resistance.
6.3 All components of the Aickinstrut Channel Framing System shall be nonmetallic except where type 316 stainless steel hardware is used as part of the assembly.
6.4 Aickinstrut is manufactured by Aickinstrut, a subsidiary of T. J. Cope, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1-800-426-4293.
6.5 The manufacturer shall not have had less than 10 years experience in manufacturing strut systems.
6.6 Most products are manufactured in the United States of America. Some items are outsourced where deemed necessary.
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