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 Instrument & Pipe Stands
        Heavy Duty Post Base
The Aickinstrut heavy duty post base is designed for applications that require a stronger base attachment
than the standard Aickinstrut post base. Made from polyurethane, the heavy duty post base is available with four different openings: 11⁄2", 15⁄8", 2" square and 2" Schedule 80 round. The heavy duty post base is ideal for mounting fiberglass channel, handrails and instrument stands in corrosive environments. The standard color is gray, but special colors are available upon request.
20PU-5852 (2" Square), 20PU-5852 RD (2" Round) 20PU-5853 HD (15⁄8" Sq.), 20PU-5854 HD (11⁄2" Sq.), 20PU-5853 (15⁄8" Sq.)
                                       Dia. Hole (4) 19⁄32"
    Instrument & Pipe Stands
Aickin-Instrument and Pipe Stands are available in polyester or vinyl ester resin types and are designed to meet specific customer requirements. These stands are ideal for support- ing instruments and enclosures in corrosive environments.
Prefabrication of assemblies is available with customer drawings. Prefabrication saves contractors labor and mate- rial costs on the job site.

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