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Pipe Clamps
There are two types of piping system loadings, overhead (Type 1) and vertical (Type 2) as described below. All Aickinstrut pipe straps and clamps show the recommended loading for both types of loading.
Type 1 Design Load
The design load shown represents pipes supported below the strut. The design loads shown are based on a minimum ultimate failure safety factor of 3:1.
Adjustable Pipe Clamps
Aickinstrut Adjustable Pipe Clamps are manufactured
from glass-reinforced polyurethane and are adjustable to accommodate a wide range of outside diameters. They can be utilized with a variety of piping systems including: PVC, fiberglass, copper, rigid steel conduit and PVC coated rigid steel conduit. Aickinclamps sized 61⁄2" – 20" are to be used only in non-load bearing applications. These are applications where the weight of the pipe is being supported by Aickinstrut structural members (see figure on right). Aickinclamps can safely be used in temperatures up to 160°F. For operating temperatures of 160-230°F, it is recommended to use PVDF clamps. PVDF clamps are available as a special order. Contact the factory for pricing and availability. Care should be taken not to exceed 3 ft./ lbs. of torque on the adjustable pipe straps.
Type 2 Design Load
The design loading shown can be achieved with the addition of a vertical stop lock assembly (Part #200- 4219) installed directly beneath the pipe clamp. The adjacent illustration shows how the vertical stop lock assembly provides additional support for pipe and how it can be used to achieve full Type 2 design loads.
Design loads are based on a minimum clamp slip safety factor or 3:1. It is recommended that stop lock assemblies be used for all vertical pipe support applications.
            Type 1
135 135 145
215 215
Type 2
65 65 70
70 70
200-3100 to 200-3140
  Part Number
200-3100 200-3110 200-3120
O.D. Pipe Size (in.)
1⁄2 – 11⁄2 11⁄2 – 21⁄4 21⁄4 – 31⁄4
Design Load (lbs.)*
Torque (ft./lbs.)
10 in./lbs. 3
3 3
*Design loads shown represent a 3:1 safety factor.
Strap Polyurethane Insert
Note: For use with -SST systems only
Part Number
3–4 4 – 61⁄2
 200-3150 to 200-3210

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