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Quick Latch™ for wire baskets

quick-latch-product-image Cope's Quick Latch product allows technicians to connect two ends of wire basket which previously had the splice plates removed when they were cut to length. Quick Latch is a UL approved grounding path when used with CAT-GCs on either side of the splice.

To learn more about the new Quick Latch, view our sell sheet

Or, visit the Quick Latch product page.

Nema 20C Tray

nema-expanded-tray-offering-product-image Cope's New NEMA 20C Rating Cable Tray is available in 3" Load Depth, NEMA 20C Ladder Profile and Trough and Hat Runs in 4" Load Depth

This cable tray is rated to hold 100 pounds per foot, over a twenty-foot span. This new product, the 7D38 profile, is intended for applications where spanning long distances while holding heavy industrial cabling is critical.

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EMT to Conduit Wire Basket Clip

wire-basket-clip-product-image The Wire Basket Clip accessory that aids in the attachment of 1/2",3/4", 1" or 1-1/4" EMT conduit to wire basket with only a pair of pliers.

To learn more about the new Quick Latch, view our Conduit to wire basket product page.